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Friday, October 14, 2011

Are u ready for the curvy world???

Hie all and Assalamualaikum
This is just a short entry.
But i think it might be giving a big impact to some of u.
Actually currently i found this cool website so i would like to share them with u my lovely readers..

This is a really good website which u can rely on.
They will give u the tips and tricks on how to dress ur curvy body up!
They will advise u of how healthy diet and life style should b ur very first priority!
They will become ur inspiration to be confident and love yourself the way u r!

Ya... I was born as a plus sized woman.
I know the attention would always be at the skinny ones.
People love to look at skinny women instead of the plus sized.
But I am glad to be the 'big girl in the skinny world' because
not everyone would get those 'gifts' from God.
LOL U know what I mean.

Yeah, if u feel down of being 'big', u better not.
Because world is getting curvy nowadays without u even realize.
Enjoy n build ur confidence with whatever size or shape u are.
Love ya!

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