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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Super Cool Hobby

Sudah berkurun lama... rasa mcm berabadlah aku tak update belog kan?

Dgr kate lately blogspot ade byk masalah? Masalah ape pon i tak tahu sbb dh lame tak bukak. Hehe quite bz tho’, with the exams, with the studies, with the last days hanging out, with life, with everything. But ironically, i do LOVE the bz me n the hectic life J

So nothing much, saje nk update recent activities yg mengisi masa2 lapang aku di rumah. Which has been my long time enthusiasm but since i am too lazy, sometimes buat sometimes tak buat. Cuma last few months, i bought this lovely new cool toy from here... So i come back with more experiments on my sisters’ face J tehee. Just enjoy the pictures okey?

And please leave ur comments on my so-called artwork. Whether u like it? U LOVE it? Or u HATE it? Thanx darls..... <3

my super cool new toy with 120 beautiful and vibrant colors.... i LOVE this to the max

my 'guinea pigs' aka my elder n younger sis :) with diffrnt make up application...

p/s: so sapa2 yg tringin nak jadi bhn uji kaji, silalah kontek aku :) tengah ada mood nak uji skills and talent :)