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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lazy day

Oh! Oh! The best day ever.

Today i am just rolling in my comfy comforter, on my bed...

With my best companion ever, mr Delly the laptop, stay tune on the

Two stories are on, The Hangover 2 and my most favourite Korean movie Coffee Prince.

Yes, I am gonna be on my bed for the rest of the afternoon. I am not going elsewhere. Just lay back and relax and enjoy my movies and drama series here. Anything, just knock the door, I promise I’ll answer, BUT I am not going to promise that I will get off from this ‘heaven’. hehe

enjoy ur day :)


wanieybintang said...

oit ! dah dah la tuuu. pi tlg mak hg buat keja umah nuuu. :p

miss E said...

huhuhu ak rajen tp jarang buat rajen...pnykit m ni kuat sgt hehe tatau cmne nk buat