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Monday, June 20, 2011

Grey, Silver Eye Make up

Hola! It’s already 1259 in the morning and i just can’t put myself to sleep so nothing much, just want to update my make up work on my sister (again, yes i really need a new model) hehe..

So, for this time, i tried to put on some shading on her nose to make it a little bit sharp. Besides that, I tried to attach falsies on her eyes. Actually I am not a big fan of false eye lashes as I always think that falsies may change a total look of someone whereas I prefer to put on makeup without changing the natural look of the person. I really love the original look and beauty of the beholder and altering the look completely is not my favourite at all.

But because of the trend of nowadays’ make over, I have to agree that falsies may help to make the eyes look bigger and attractive. As my sister is one of million girls out there who has a pair of small eyes, these cool stuffs are magical. I know she loved them too as she snapped a lot of her own pictures with these make up on. Hihi ... okey now, just enjoy these pictures of her camwhoring on her own :P

p/s: Now its time for me to go to bed as i got a lot of things to do tomorrow. oh ya! one of them is assignment for kissm (T.T) and can't wait to watch another online movie... green lantern, Xmen, Renggo wah wah! (ade pulak yg tak siap asgmnt lg ni :P)

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