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Monday, June 27, 2011

Dream to go to the dreamland

How does it feel being a host for a travelling show? I envy those hosts who can travel all around the world, eat all kind of food from different countries, shopping at the finest shopping spots with variety of well-known brands, enjoying the breath-taking sceneries and weathers, learn a lot of unique culture around the world and put on the cool attire to suit the weather at certain places.

The most important thing is, they don’t have to earn certain amount of money and apply for off days from their superior nor wait for the suitable time and condition to start the journey. All are fully sponsored except for self-spending. How cool is that?

For this kind of dream, (the dream of travelling around the world actually. I am not really keen to be the host as I already enjoy teaching primary school kids..hoho); I keep telling myself, WORK HARD... try to earn a lot of money as I can to fulfill my dream to travel around the world. J

I dream of doing all the cool stuffs such as....

Spend a lot of money at the shopping heaven in Thailand

Pose as sweet as the Japanese doll under the Sakura tree

Reminiscing the true love through the remarkable story of Taj Mahal

Enjoying the night life in the Sin City of Vegas

Get closer to the happy kangaroos in Australia






And many more!

p/s: Pictures~credit to Google Image


saja saja nak tulis said...

uihhh.. sama la dream kiter!!! huhuhu... ;P
nk tmbh!!
-visiting the BIG APPLE aka New York (geram asyik tgk kat citer F.R.I.E.N.D.S ngn HIMYM)
-Europe tour (backpack)
-Maldives or Hawaii (superb beach!!)
-n of course 2nd visit to Holy place of all ~~~~Mecca (then g Dubai etc)

oh my... if we could ever finish the list.. itu barulah namanya LIVING TO THE FULLEST!! hohoho

miss E said...

hehe rasa mcm nk like komen encik saja saja nak tulis. tp ini bukan fb takde button like. lol! hehhe tu la... bestnya. cant wait to b posted. kumpul duit byk2. a country a year.... dec school hols = oversea trips. yeaahuuu!!!